Great American Cleanup is the country’s largest community improvement program that takes place in 20,000 communities, engaging more than 4 million volunteers and community members annually, to create a positive and lasting impact.  Through programs like the Great American Cleanup, Keep America Beautiful affiliates transform public places into beautiful spaces helping to make communities that are environmentally healthy, socially connected and economically sound. They’re better places to raise a family, start a business, or go to school. They’re better places for living our lives.

In the past decade, cigarette smoking in America has decreased 28%, yet cigarette butts remain the most littered item in the U.S. and across the globe.  Dropping cigarette butts and cigar tips to the ground, putting them in planters, and disposing of them in waterways is littering.  Keep Albertville Beautiful participates in the Keep America Beautiful’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.  Our cleanup efforts in this area server to bring awareness to this problem and help control cigarette butt litter here in our community.

Led by Jeannie Courington, our Recycling Coordinator, Albertville schools have consistently been top in our state and nationwide for the thousands of lbs. of recycled materials they have collected yearly in Recycle-Bowl.   Recycling is one of the easiest and most effective actions ANYONE can do to protect natural resources, conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs. Recycling also provides materials that are made into new products. Friendly competition is a proven way to motivate young people toward adopting sustainable behaviors.

Albertville has the honor of having one of our own to sit on the Keep America Beautiful’s National Youth Advisory Council for 2016-2017.  Brady Millwood, a student at Albertville High School, is representing our community well.  This program provides a unique opportunity for high school students from diverse backgrounds across the nation to participate in a service-learning and leadership development program. Keep America Beautiful selects 10 students nationwide to contribute to and inform Keep America Beautiful on programs, while acting as ambassadors and leaders for youth service in their communities.

National Planting Day celebrates the critical nature of native plants and trees in enhancing biodiversity and rebuilding ecosystems. Beautiful public places transcend aesthetic appeal to positively impact the lives of area residents, visitors, businesses and institutions. Green spaces restore our communities, helping to make them more environmentally healthy, socially connected, and economically sound.

America Recycles Day, a Keep America Beautiful national initiative, is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Each year, on and in the weeks leading into Nov. 15, thousands of communities across the country participate by promoting environmental citizenship and taking action to increase and improve recycling in America.

Keep Albertville Beautiful is grateful for organizations that may want to adopt a spot in the City to keep litter free or planted seasonally .  Current Adopt-A-Spot organizations include civic clubs,  schools and school clubs, businesses, churches, neighborhoods and garden clubs.  It’s a two year commitment but KAB only asks that you clean or plant  your “spot” once per quarter and we will even help you with supplies if need be.  Contact us today to get more information.